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Heart Aches

20 Dec

Here lately, my heart has been aching for a country that I visited about a year and a half ago. A country that changed my life. A country that I cannot wait to visit again.

South Africa.

Today I went and saw Invictus. It is an excellent movie about the restoration of South Africa. I was very surprised.

I think what made this trip to the movies even more meaningful was that I went with four other people who have been to this beloved country. Even though I had just met three of them right before the movie, it was meaningful nonetheless. One of them was even wearing a Springbok shirt. :]

My heart aches to be back in South Africa. I want to know how Rosalina is doing. I want to sit and laugh with Tandega and Lerato and Mpho. I want to drink scorching hot tea with Gogo Judith. I want to see all of the beautiful smiling kids faces.

These people have changed my life. I miss them terribly.

I think about the impact that these people have left on my life. I know that they don’t know how much they have changed my life. I wonder if anyone has ever said this about me? I wonder if I am impacting peoples lives and changing them for the good?

Something to ponder….

What is your heart aching for?


Lovin the 425 and 206

4 Jun

A week ago I returned home from a lovely adventure in Seattle, Washington. I love that city more than any other city that I have ever been to. It has everything that I ever wanted and it is just amazing. While I was on the plane coming home I decided to make a list of reasons why I want to move there someday in the near future. The lady next to me was from Seattle and she laughed at some of my silly reasons for wanting to move there. I just think that they are fun and they are me!

Here are my reasons:

Beautiful Mountains
*Mt. Rainer
*North and South of Seattle
Public Transportation
Coffee Shops on almost every block
Different Districts
*Capital Hill
*Alki Beach
*China Town
*Pike Place
All Types of People Excepted
*Folk life is a great example of this
Beautiful Apartments
FRESH seafood
Away from Tornadoes
Not scorching HOT
Nice plush grass
Lovely rainy season
Children can learn another language
A wonderful church

Then I came up with my reasons as to why moving to Seattle was a BAD idea…
*Away from Family and Friends
*No Job
*No where to live

My heart longs to live in a place that is different and away from ordinary people. This is one of the many things that is on my heart right now.

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