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All to Us

26 Sep

Tonight as I sit here in my apartment, avoiding cleaning and all things that require moving out of my comfy chair, I am listening to Chris Tomlin’s newest cd.

One of the songs has really caught my attention. It has me thinking. The words in this song are making my heart think.

Give it a listen…

Do we really believe that Jesus is all to us? Do we treat him like he is all that we need?

The last verse is what my heart longs for right now…

“When this passing world is over, we will see you face to face. And forever we will worship. Jesus, you are all to us.”

This is my prayer this evening, that Jesus would be everything to me. He would be my all. He would be the only thing that I am living for.

I pray that this is your hearts prayer as well.



14 Sep


That is a word that many people don’t like. They don’t like being out of their routine. They don’t like new. They don’t like change.

This year, I have learned to embrace change with open arms. Every day is different for me. Things are always changing.

While I was home this summer, I realized just how much I have changed this year. How drastically different my life is compared to when I went home in December.

I was embarrassed at things that wouldn’t have embarrassed me back in December. I was more conservative. I was more quiet. I listened more. I didn’t understand the conversations that took place because I felt like they were meaningless.

I wanted to talk about the stuff that God was doing in peoples lives. I wanted to hear about how they were following God or how they were struggling and help encourage them. I wanted to be modest. I wanted to hear peoples stories. I wanted to have heart to heart conversations with close family members. I want people to know that God is the only thing that matters in this world.

Nothing else matters.


This morning I was having a conversation with one of my friends about how I long for heaven. I long to just be in the presence of my Creator. I long to see him face to face. But, some people don’t want that right now. They want to be here on Earth spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ. I understand.

I want to do that too but more than anything, I want to be WITH Jesus Christ in heaven.


3 Sep

Well hello my friends.

It has been quite some time since I have posted on here.

Lately, I have been enjoying my time at home with loved ones. I have been soaking it all up so, I have forgotten about my blog. Just being honest.

Things that I love about being here in America with my family; My sister coming into my room and jumping on my bed, like a crazy person, for 30 seconds or more before we even say a word to each other. Getting to pet and love on my cat whenever I want. Having home cooked meals (I haven’t cooked a meal in almost 3 weeks :]). Sleeping in my marshmallow bed. Seeing all of my wonderful friends. Telling people about how Jesus changed my life this year and in a way that I was totally not expecting. Hearing amazing testimonies of friends coming back to Jesus.

As all of those things are truly wonderful but, I miss Japan. I miss the wonderful people who I work with. I miss my dear friend Danielle more than words can say. I miss Sunrise Court 203. I miss all of my precious students saying, “Ms. Maroli”

Why do we always have to be missing something? Why can’t we be content in our current situation? Don’t get me wrong, I love being here in America. But no matter where I am in the world, I will be missing something or someone.

The answer is that this Earth is not our home. Our home is in Heaven.

And today, I am longing for heaven.

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