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India Part 2… Mumbai and Goa

29 Jan

Our second day in Mumbai consisted of TGI Fridays and  a lovely shopping mall. We wanted to go see a movie but the times didn’t work out well with our flight to Goa.

We knew that people might think that we were crazy for eating American food in India. Well, when you can’t get American food all of the time, you eat it at every opportunity that you can! So, we nommed away at our TGI Friday’s food. It was delicious and soooo good. It was also our most expensive meal the ENTIRE trip!


We flew to Goa. It was only an hour flight and so worth it. I really wanted to ride on a train and have the experience of that but, we didn’t have time and we couldn’t figure out how to buy the tickets in time. We were also told that it was safer to fly because the trains can be a bit scary. When we went to board our flight, we walked right outside and this bus was waiting for us. We were a bit surprised because it seems like this is the common way to board flights in India. We did this for almost EVERY flight that we took.


Once we got to Goa, it was late so we just relaxed at our hotel and ate in the restaurant there. It was really cheap and had delicious food. The next day we hired another taxi to drive us around and show us the sites. I read about a spice plantation tour in our Lonely Planet book that I got for free at our hostel in Beijing. I was pretty excited about that since that book normally costs about $75 USD!

The plantation was a lot of fun. It was really neat to get to see what the spices look like growing in the wild. We had a delicious lunch and then afterwards we got to ride on an elephant for $2!!

DSC_0223 DSC_0262 DSC_0288

We then went to see some pretty awesome churches. It was really cool to see the Portuguese influence on the Indian culture.

DSC_0335 DSC_0336

We then asked to go to the beach so I could dip my feet in the Indian Ocean. Yet ANOTHER thing to check off of my bucket list. Sah-weet!

DSC_0368 DSC_0378

We ate dinner in our hotel again. This is just a picture of our delicious feast that we had. The entire meal cost us about $12.


The next day we got ANOTHER taxi and had this one take us to the beach. We were only there for a few hours but it was well worth it. It was so warm and just nice to be able to have a drink while looking out at the ocean. This was probably one of my favorite days on our trip.

DSC_0390 DSC_0402 IMG_2236 IMG_2240

After that we flew back to Mumbai for the evening and then the next day we were headed to Delhi.

India part 3, Delhi and Agra coming up next….

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