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Randoms about me…

18 Aug

* I MUST have some sort of white noise when I sleep.

* I sometimes like to smack my food… just because I know that you shouldn’t.

* Before May 2009 I had had the same curtains, butterflies, hanging up since I was in 7th grade.

* I have a Little Mermaid glow in the dark lamp that I have had since I was 6, it will be getting replaced soon.

* I used to have belching and farting contests with my cousins. Yes, they are girls.

* I don’t have a “side” of the bed that I sleep on. I just get in and fall asleep.

* Bugs don’t bother me, unless they are the type that can kill me then they are dead faster.

* I really miss playing my violin.

* I can have a good time.

* I love my mom more than anything and when she is gone for 3 days I miss her terribly.

* I can sing the 50 states in ABC order.

* I make noises.

* I say eww about a lot of things.

* My closet is EXTREMELY organized and when 1 shirt is out of order I get annoyed.

* I love makeup and I sometimes wish I could get mine professionally done.

* I am such a teacher at heart and I wish I had my own classroom to decorate.

* I love burning candles, well really anything.

* I enjoy singing.

* Fireworks are one of my most favorite things ever.

* I really want a niece or nephew REALLY bad.

* I have watched only 1 episode of Saved by the Bell and Fresh Prince. I don’t like them. gasp. I know.

* I talk about random silly things when I get nervous.

* I really want to eat sushi right now.



10 Aug

A lot of my friends know me by my quirks. They say that that is one of the many reasons why they love me. HA.

Here are a few things that I’m known for:

My laugh.

The random noises that I make when I am excited or frustrated. mrrrr

The weird facial expressions that I make. The “looks” that I give people.

The things that I do that I am not ashamed of, like wearing a wolf like hat in a store and then putting it as my Facebook profile picture.

I am not ashamed to be who I am. I know that when I have children, they will most likely be strange like their mother. haha.

What are some of your quirks that you are known for?

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