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14 Jun

I have been walking with this word for over 6 months now.

These six months haven’t been easy. They have been anything but that. They have been HARD.

I trust people easily but over time and as I get older, I don’t let people know the real me. I put up a wall. I don’t let them know my story.

This year I have made the choice to trust people who are close to me. It has been hard. I have had to trust them with the deep dark places of my heart. Places that I don’t even want to bring my own mind to.

Trusting these people with my pain has been hard. But it has also been very rewarding and freeing. They have walked with me through the hurt and told me that things will be okay.

Trust isn’t easy but it is getting easier.

Even though I didn’t want to choose this word, I knew that the Lord had this in mind so that I could heal of the hurts in my life.

Thank you friends for letting me tell you my hurts.

I love you all dearly.



7 Mar

I have taken a slight break from my blog. I think at times, it is good. We need to invest in peoples lives around us and love them for who they are no matter what they are going through.

I have had some really great conversations with some people that I deeply care about. Conversations about faith, fears, and memories.

My best friend, Hannah, is one of the most amazing people that I have ever known. She encourages me in ways that I didn’t think I needed to be encouraged in. She loves to send letters. I get one almost every month from her. She is amazing.

Today in the mail, I received a letter from her. I hope she doesn’t mind me sharing but I just wanted to show you how amazing her heart is.

Dearest Friend,
By the time you get this, it will have been one year since the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. I wish I could be there with you to remember and mourn, and to celebrate your life. I am so thankful that the Lord protected you on that day and also thankful that he renewed your love and passion for Him. Your love for the Lord has increase so much this year. it is so sweet for me to watch His desires become your desires. it is beautiful. I think about you every day and though life moves on, here and in Japan, I think about March 11, 2011 very often too. I think about how earthquakes are still a common part of your life and how much your life changed. I remember how you trusted in the Lord and how you continue to trust the Lord with all of your heart. I don’t know what the earthquake had to happen, but I know the Lord uses everything for his good– and I have seen that in your life.
You are in Japan for a specific purpose. On the days when that’s hard to remember or when you’re homesick, remember the goodness of the Lord, despite the disaster, that prompted you to stay.
This year I have seen you Delight in the Lord, and I am confident that as you continue to delight in him, he will continue to be faithful and show you the desires of His heart.
I love you so much, dear friend, and I am so very thankful for our friendship. Continue to seek the Lord with all of your heart.
Love always,
Hannah Ruthie

She is my heart sister.

Future Husband

26 Aug

Today I wrote my future husband a letter for the first time in 4 months. I cannot believe that it has been that long.

Some of you may think, what they heck are you doing?

Well ever since I was 15, I have been writing letters to my future husband. I just write them to tell him that I was thinking about him or events that have been going on in my life. I like to update him about things.

Whenever he gets to read these, he will laugh at most of them I’m sure. I know that I would laugh andd I would also laugh at how often my handwriting changes.

I love that man so much and I cannot wait for the day that I am able to give him all of these letters, 4 notebooks full that is.

to be young and in love

23 Aug

Love. This is something that everyone either LOVES to talk about or hates it.

Right now I am in the mood where I Love it!

The other night at work, there was this couple that ordered a drink and then went and sat down. I watched them from the moment that they walked in the door, ordered one drink and then went to find a seat. They were so in love. They didn’t hear my coworker call the drink, that they had ordered, 10 times. So I finally brought it out to them. They barely acknowledged me because they were so wrapped up in each other.

They kinda made me want to puke. Not going to lie. BUT how he looked and her and how she looked at him, that is something that I long for so badly. For me to look at a guy and him to look at me and for us to be in our own world and not notice anything else around us.


I also long to love Christ like this, because I know that he looks at me with such love. He loves me so much and he would look at me and not notice anything else in the room. Or notice that our drink had been sitting on the counter for 5 minutes.

I must first long to love the Father. THEN Mr Right will follow in suite.

My Jerusalem

20 Jul

Yesterday at church, the pastor spoke on Acts 1:8.

I have heard this verse so many times since I started going school at Hannibal-LaGrange College. This is our “Mission” verse.

“But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit come on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”

The pastor spoke about how we need to love on people just in a friendly way and that they will see that there is something different about us. They will eventually see Christ’s love in us.

I want to be this verse as I start my NEW JOB at STARBUCKS. I want my coworkers to be able to see Jesus’ love through me by me being friendly and nice and also caring and compassionate towards them. I also want to be able to build relationships with customers.

I just felt that this was layed strong on my heart today as I met a few of my coworkers. I want them to be able to see Christ in me and in my actions. I want them to be able to question why I am different.

mmm heart tugs… they are the best!

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