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11 Jul

I might have written about this 2 years ago while I was in Africa.

If something goes wrong or is out of the ordinary, we would say TIA.. This is Africa.

This is something that you pick up on quickly.

* The internet doesn’t work… TIA.

* Scheduled power outages.. TIA.

* People lookin’ in your window… TIA.

Now that I live in Japan, I find my self sayin’ “It’s Japan”

* 25 cell phone charms.. It’s Japan.

* People lining up for hours for a grocery store to open… It’s Japan.

* Riding your bike and texting… It’s Japan.

* Riding your bike while texting AND holding an umbrella… It’s Japan.

I often wonder if people who visit America think this way?


Heart Aches

20 Dec

Here lately, my heart has been aching for a country that I visited about a year and a half ago. A country that changed my life. A country that I cannot wait to visit again.

South Africa.

Today I went and saw Invictus. It is an excellent movie about the restoration of South Africa. I was very surprised.

I think what made this trip to the movies even more meaningful was that I went with four other people who have been to this beloved country. Even though I had just met three of them right before the movie, it was meaningful nonetheless. One of them was even wearing a Springbok shirt. :]

My heart aches to be back in South Africa. I want to know how Rosalina is doing. I want to sit and laugh with Tandega and Lerato and Mpho. I want to drink scorching hot tea with Gogo Judith. I want to see all of the beautiful smiling kids faces.

These people have changed my life. I miss them terribly.

I think about the impact that these people have left on my life. I know that they don’t know how much they have changed my life. I wonder if anyone has ever said this about me? I wonder if I am impacting peoples lives and changing them for the good?

Something to ponder….

What is your heart aching for?

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