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India- part 1… Mumbai

28 Jan

I have always dreamed of going to India. It started with the magic of Aladdin, even though that isn’t “set” in India. I have always loved bright colors and the thought of seeing the Taj Mahal. If you head over to my bucket list, you’ll see that just going to India was one of the things that I wanted to do before I die. Well, I did.

We flew from Beijing to Mumbai. It took an entire day to do that. We got to Mumbai and to our hotel around 3 am. My first impression of India was a little scary. We were dropped off by a taxi and the driver left before our hotel had the door open. I was a little freaked out and almost in tears. But, the next morning was MUCH better.

The first day we hired a taxi and Nawab drove us all around. He showed us the main sites of Mumbai. First we went to this place that is called Laundry. Hotels and businesses bring their linens here so that these people will wash them and get paid. You can see that this is in a slum.

DSC_0164 DSC_0165

Next we went to Victoria Terminus. If you’ve ever seen Slumdog Millionaire, you will recognize this place.

DSC_0166 DSC_0167 DSC_0168 DSC_0169 DSC_0170 DSC_0171

Across the street was McDonalds. We HAD to go. Being that we were in India and Indians don’t eat cow… we thought that it would be a great experience.


We headed over to The Gateway to India. Here we had some fun experiences. We saw the gateway which was pretty awesome.


Then we were “blessed” by a holy man.

DSC_0176 DSC_0177

After this, we asked Nawab if he knew of Starbucks Coffee. It just came to India in October 2012 so we thought that it was likely that he didn’t know where it would be. But alas he asked another taxi driver and we were SO thankful to get to go here.


We saw the ocean, or the bay… and the skyline. It was nice.


We were so hungry at this point, we didn’t care what we ate. We headed across the street from our hotel to a vegetarian restaurant. It was delicious. We ended up eating a bunch of food for about $5 for the both of us. We couldn’t believe it!

DSC_0202 DSC_0203

Tomorrow… Mumbai day 2 and Goa


China part 2

24 Jan

The first full day that we were in China, we decided to figure out the subway system and go to the Forbidden City.


This is THE palace of so many dynasties. It was really awesome to get to walk around where Emperors walked thousands of years ago. But once we got inside we realized that we were STARVING because we didn’t eat breakfast. So, we ate some traditional Chinese dumplings.

DSC_0014 DSC_0016 DSC_0018

We sat inside this tiny restaurant so thankful that it was *somewhat* warm. We were freezing our faces off. Thankfully we put on so many layers that we weren’t frozen to the bone… yet. After breakfast we walked around and I rented an automatic guide. It was nice but after a while, everything started to look the same. Kinda unfortunate.


After we decided that we had enough of the Forbidden City, we walked down the street a ways to find a bus to hop on to take us back to the subway station. Now this is where the adventure really begins. We got on the bus and we are riding along, we wanted to find a place with WIFI, I look out the window and see McDonald’s and I am off the bus in a flash of lightning. We wanted to eat McDonald’s in China to see what it tasted like compared to Japanese McDonald’s.

IMG_2210 IMG_2212

We then got back on the bus to what we thought would take us to the subway station. WRONG. We were taken to some bus stop and they told us all to get off. We had NO idea where we were. After we walked around a bit, we  I decided that Aaron should hail a cab. I’m sure he loves hailing cabs by now. :] We told our taxi driver to take us to Tiananmen Square. We were in the car for over 45 minutes. I’m sure we were on the other side of town. Woopsy.



Before we headed back to our hostel, we decided that we should get Starbucks.


Later that evening we decided that we wanted to go to an acrobat show. It was awesome. I am so amazed at the craziness that happened during that show. People standing on a free-standing lader while holding a bunch of other people off of your body. Don’t believe me… look at this picture!



But what also is madness, 5 men riding motorcycles in a steel cage. The picture doesn’t do it justice but you gotta believe me.


After the show we headed back to our hostel because we had to rest up for our adventure to the Great Wall for Christmas Day!

Part 3 coming up tomorrow.


21 Jan

Haiti. Before last week, I’m sure many people hadn’t heard of that small country in the Caribbean. But last week changed it all.

The devastation that has happened to this small poor country, is unbelievable. Today hearing about Haiti is almost unavoidable. It is all over the news, on my main page when I pull up my email, I heard about it at work, and I see updates on my twitter page.

I know that many organizations in the United States have contributed to bring relief in Haiti. I hear about one of those organizations at work, The Red Cross. If you didn’t know, you can give to the Red Cross at Starbucks. You can give cash or credit donations. Starbucks is also collecting coffee, toiletries, and other packets to send to the relief workers in Haiti.

Today while I was working, one of my regular customers came up to me and said that she wanted to give whatever was in this envelope that she had to the Red Cross. She said that she didn’t know how much was in the envelope. She said that last night at work, they had taken up a love offering specifically to give to the Red Cross because they wanted to help the people in Haiti. You might think, oh that is very nice but what is so significant about that….

She works at a homeless shelter.

These homeless men and women gave whatever they had to help those out who are also in need. They feel like they’ve been blessed with this shelter and feel as if they have a lot more than the people in Haiti have now.


I ask that if you haven’t given to an organization to help bring relief to Haiti, please do. Like I mentioned before, you can give to the Red Cross at Starbucks, you can give money to World Vision, Compassion International and there are a lot more organizations that are bringing relief efforts to Haiti.

Just think about what you would want people to do if this earthquake were to happen to you.

taken off guard

19 Oct

Jesus loves you.

This was said to me this morning while I was workin at the bux. I handed the lady at the counter her coffee and commented on how cute her purse was and gave her the left over change. She then replied with “Thanks, have a great day and Jesus loves you.”

If you were the next person in line or a small fly on the wall you would have thought that I was spacing out. I was trying to remember if I really had heard someone tell me that Jesus loves me.

But WHY is this something that takes me off guard? Shouldn’t I be excited that someone wanted to bless me this morning? Yes, it did touch my heart and made me smile, after I realized what was said, but it is not the norm nowadays.

People usually don’t even say anything to me. Even after I tell them to have a great day or thanks for coming in.


What is something that has taken you off guard?

Wcommendation Wednesday

14 Oct

Here recently, I have realized that there are a lot of things that I need to share with people. Things that I have been discovering and that they are sometimes overlooked or not even thought of. I have decided that every Wednesday from here on out (please don’t get mad if I don’t make it for EVERY Wednesday) I will be recommending or Wcommending two things that people need to try or look at.

Ok so here it goes….

For the first item that people need to be exposed to is:


This site is HILARIOUS and it will put you in a good mood throughout your day and/or make your day. It will also get you thinking about things that you could possibly post on the site.

Number 2:

Ok so I work at Starbucks and if you have been hiding in a shell or under a rock, we now have INSTANT coffee. Ok there is NO need for people to get all snooty until you try it. It is called VIA. We have Italian Roast and Columbia. You can have them in hot water or cold water, BUT what you REALLY need to try is putting one of these in some chocolate milk and BAM you have yourself an iced mocha.


If you would like to purchase some lovely VIA you should come to the Starbucks store on 39th Street and purchase some.

I sound like a snooty coffee snob, ok well I am, but I know that sometimes I really want some coffee but I don’t want to make an entire pot, this is EXCELLENT for this.

I hope that you take the time over this next week and let me know what you think about these two wcommendations!!


20 Aug

Today Kaleigh and I decided to adventure out into the world of Kansas City.

She wanted to go to Half Price Books and I had never been there so I thought that it would be fun to find it. Well we got lost about 15 thousand times. I thought that it would be fun. And it was.


Little Red, my car, decided that she wasn’t going to turn on. AHHHHH. I was not a happy camper. I have never had any problems with her. This is the first time that she has acted up and of course, she is deciding to do this right when I have to start paying for her. MRRRRR

Well we wait around and go into the Dollar Store. What a lovely little interesting store. We found a fun book. Fark. Fark.com is a fun site that everyone should check out. It is about news that really isn’t news but needs to be filled in for the media.

We also went to a coffee shop and I have discovered that I am a coffee snob. I had the WORST Carmel Macchiato in my LIFE. First off, there was no vanilla in it. Second off, there was no Carmel drizzle. WHAT!!! It tasted like I was eating dirt. Thank you Starbucks for showing me what real coffee tastes like.

Well Little Red was jumped and then she started shaking on the way home on 70. AHHH. I couldn’t go above 50. Mrrr this is not good.

Prayers for Little Red would be appreciated as well as my bank account so that I can afford to fix her. 🙂


4 Aug

Yesterday at work, an elderly young man came into the lovely Starbucks.

He went on and on and on and on about how he couldn’t have any sugar in his drink. He finally decided on a venti iced sugar free vanilla latte.


He decided he wanted a piece of lemon loaf. If you have ever had a lemon loaf from Starbucks, you know that there is AT LEAST an inch of icing on top of it.

And what is icing made of…. sugar.

I don’t understand people sometimes.

What is something that you don’t understand about people?

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