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Getting After It

16 May

Last summer, I joined in a competition with a few of my coworkers to see who could lose the most weight before summer vacation. Needless to say I was really proud of my work and it was the most that I have ever worked out in my life. I came in 2nd. 

Well, after summer vacation, I didn’t work out as much as I should have and then I didn’t work out at all and started to make excuses again. 

It is now nice outside and I’m back at it. Except this time… I’m for real serious and there is no competition going on. I’m going to try my best to work out 5 days a week. 

I am also going to try and get creative in the kitchen with some new recipes. If any of you have great recipes to share, please let me know! 

Living overseas it can be really hard to do some of the things that I see a lot of my friends doing in America. We don’t have all of the fun “healthy” food that is offered over there. So, I need to be creative and not get bored with my food choices. 

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