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China part 3

26 Jan

The main reason why we wanted to go to China was to climb the Great Wall. We only had 3 days in China so not much time to squeeze it in. We decided to do it on Christmas Day. Such an amazing experience!

We had to drive around 3 hours out of Beijing to get to the wall. When we got there I seriously thought that I was going to freeze to death. It was -29 oC!!!! For all you non metric people that is -20 oF!!! SO COLD! Thankfully the sun was out and there wasn’t much wind.


It may look like we are photoshopped but I promise.. we aren’t. It was just THE perfect spot to take a picture with some of the wall in the background.


Now some of you may think that walking along the wall is easy. Well, some parts maybe but the part that we CLIMBED first was super crazy. There was snow and ice and not many hand rails. This picture just depicts one of the few handrails that we saw that day.


CLIMBING the wall


It was such a beautiful Christmas morning. Probably one of my favorite Christmas mornings EVER.


This is one of my favorite pictures from our trip. I love it.

After our tour, we went back to our hostel and attempted to warm up a bit. We hadn’t had any dinner or street food so we headed out to find something to eat. We ended up finding this street that had all kinds of crazy food.


That’s right… starfish, seahorses, snake… you name it. Scary.

Aaron decided that he was going to try some delicious food from this one stall that all of the locals were going to…


It smelled like he was eating poop. Gag. I couldn’t walk near him and needless to say he couldn’t finish it. After we returned to Japan and I had told this story to one of our coworkers, we found out it was ROTTEN tofu!

Our time in China was short but we made lots of memories and learned that Chinese people love to spit anywhere.



21 Jan

One of the many things that I have not figured out about Japan….

there is NO insulation.

I just don’t understand why.

This is one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world and yet there is NO insulation.

Don’t these skinny little Japanese people want to stay warm?

Last night I was FREEEEEZING in my apartment. I could barely move my fingers because I was so cold. I was under three blankets with a heating pad for my bed on and I was still cold. I had a hat on. I had a sweater on. Oh and my heater was on full blast. I think I had it set on 87 degrees.

The temperature last night was 27 degrees but it felt like 19. Yah that is really cold.

I wasn’t warm until I went to sleep.

Japan… I think it is time for some insulation.

Winter is here!

12 Dec

Well it is that time of year again when winter decides that it is time to grace us with her presence.

Butttt no fear of being cold. I have my most favorite cold weather item to keep me warm. Mr Electric Blanket.

This thing was the best Christmas present that I have ever received.

It is almost always on and either keeping me warm in bed or I am cuddled up in it while sitting at my desk.

What is your favorite winter item?

Favorite Season..

14 Sep


You were good to me. We had a lot of fun. A nice SUN BURN that was oh so painful. Weddings. Job. But, dear summer, I am so glad that you are coming to an end. We had a good time together but, your turn is over.

Dear Fall,

I cannot wait for you to be here. You are my favorite season. You are not too cold or too hot. You are just right. (That just reminded me of Goldie locks and the 3 bears.) You are beautiful. The colors of the trees and the leaves that fall on the ground and I will play in them no matter how old I am. I love to take pictures during this season. I love the feeling of being able to wear a scarf and flip flops at the same time. I love hay rides, bonfires, corn mazes, Starbucks, and that all of the annoying bugs die. 🙂

Oh and my favorite holiday of ALL time is during this season. Halloween. Yes, I know… it is “Satan’s” holiday, butttttttt what other day of the year can you dress up to be whatever you want to be? This is why this makes this holiday WONDERFUL ohhh and all of the free candy. 🙂

But the season following, Mr Winter, I DO NOT like. I am not a fan of being cold or having to scrape the frost off of my car. Or getting my pants wet because I am so short. And many other things I do not like about Winter.

Spring, I like you because then it means my birthday. And well, I have already discussed how I feel about birthday’s. 🙂

What is your favorite season?

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